Diabetic May Collect Social Security Disability

Epidemic is a word that is increasingly linked with the condition Diabetes for good reason: 18 million and possibly more Americans have the disease.

Approximately 1 out of 3 people with diabetes are not aware of their illness. Also, approximately 41 million Americans have pre-diabetes, which means their blood glucose levels are higher than normal, which increases the risk of diabetes. This means that approximately 1 of every 5 people in the United States either has diabetes or is at risk of having it.

A diabetic's body is unable to produce or use insulin, which is a hormone required to convert food into energy. Diabetes can be classified into Type 1 or as Type 2. The body’s failure to produce insulin causes Type 1 diabetes. The treatment for Type 1 diabetes consists of daily insulin shots, physical activity, and dietary changes. The body’s failure to properly use insulin is usually the cause of Type 2 diabetes. In some cases, lifestyle changes alone can control this type of diabetes. In other cases, the person is required to be given medication or insulin. Many diabetes-related problems can be avoided if a person receives treatment early and learns how to manage the disease.

If you become disabled and unable to hold down substantial gainful employment because of conditions related to your diabetes, you may be able to collect Social Security Disability benefits. Our Raleigh injury law firm has one of only 41 lawyers in North Carolina who are board-certified specialists in Social Security Disability. Contact your local Social Security office and make an application for benefits. If you get turned down, you will only have 60 days to appeal. If that happens you should contact a North Carolina Social Security Disability lawyer immediately.