Defective Seat Belts: A Faulty Product That Could Cost You Your Life

Many of us know that buckling up when we get behind the wheel could save your life – and that the increase in seat belt use in recent years has lead to a significant decrease in fatal traffic accidents across the country. However, not many people are aware that you can buckle up and still not be safe because of defective and dangerous seat belts.

seat belts can be defective in a number of ways. Some safety belts may not be manufactured correctly while others may not be designed correctly. A common seat belt defect involves improperly working latches or unlatching seat belts, while other seat belt defects can involve other belt buckle problems that result in car accident victims being thrown from their car.

It is not known how many people are killed or seriously injured each year because of defective seat belts and seat belt buckles. However, a number of seat belts recalls and defective seat belt lawsuits are reported each year:

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