A Tethered Dog Is A Dangerous Dog

Tethering or chaining a dog may seem harmless to many, but the truth is that it can be harmful to both the dogs and to humans. While chaining or tethering dog for short periods of time can be acceptable, the long-term or continuous tethering of a dog is neither healthy nor safe.

First of all, dogs that are tethered for long periods of time are not allowed freedom – or the opportunity to social with people or animals despite the fact that they are social animals. Dogs who are chained for months or years can develop mental issues, health problems, and other issues that can make the dog act aggressively, defensively, or out of the ordinary.

Secondly, tethered dogs often feel cornered and trapped. This feeling makes them aggressive, protective, and defensive – ready to attack anyone who they feel is threatening them. In too many cases, the dogs will attack any unfamiliar person or object within their reach.

Finally, tethered dogs are out in the open. While curious or unaware children can’t approach a fenced dog, anyone can wander into the area of a chained or tethered dog. A child may not understand to stay away from strange dogs – and they can easily be the victims of a dog attack if they try to pet or play with a tethered dog in their neighborhood.

Some people assume that since they see other people continuously tethering dogs it is a humane or acceptable practice. In practice, it is neither safe for dogs or humans.