Choosing A Safe And High-Quality Nursing Home In North Carolina

Your elder loved one has helped and supported you throughout the years – and now it is time for you to help them spend their final years in peace and comfort. The responsibility is huge: you must choose a nursing home for your loved one that will care for and protect him or her even as they become frailer, suffer from age-related issues, and struggle with failing health.

How can you choose a North Carolina nursing home that is right for your loved one?

•    Check the home’s rates and ratings. North Carolina rates all licensed adult care facilities in the state, so checking a home’s rating is a good place to start.
•    Check the nursing home’s history of lawsuits and violations. Has the nursing home recently been fined by authorities or under investigation? Have they dealt with multiple nursing home neglect and nursing home abuse cases? While every home might have seen some past issue, some may have a long history of issues.
•    Ask about the patient to staff ratio and the staff turnover rate. Many errors and instances of abuse take place at nursing homes that have a small, inexperienced, and stressed out staff. The more staff members there are, and the better their training, the less likely your loved one will come to harm in the home.
•    Visit the nursing home. You won’t truly know what a home is like until you step inside. While visiting, check for the cleanliness of rooms. Also, observe the health and wellbeing of the patients there – are many restrained, or do many seem to be medically restrained? Do residents seem happy?
•    Ask your loved one what is important to them. Some people may wish for privacy or bigger rooms, while others might require lots of activities or a more social atmosphere. During your search, never forget to get input from the person who will actually be living in the home.