Chain Reaction Car Accidents

Last week in Henderson County, a chain-reaction car accident on I-26 left five people dead and many other injured. NC Highway Patrol officers believe that the accident took place when a distracted or inattentive tractor-trailer driver plowed into a number of stopped cars ahead of him in the road.

Chain-reaction crashes and multi-vehicle accidents can be extremely dangerous and lead to multiple injuries and deaths. Because chain-reaction crashes often involve high speeds and read-end crashes, it isn’t uncommon for these vehicle accidents to result in death, neck injuries, spinal chord injuries, and head injuries.

At the same time, chain-reaction crashes can be extremely complicated and difficult without the help of an experienced car accident attorney. When it comes to filing an injury claim with your insurance company, and so many vehicles are involved in an accident, it can often be difficult for police to determine fault. In many cases, your car may have been hit by multiple vehicles.

What should you do if you or a loved one was harmed in a multiple vehicle crash in North Carolina?

  1. First, be sure to secure a copy of the official police report, which will have information on who officials believe was responsible for the accident.
  2. Next, be sure to collect contact information from others who where involved in the accident or anyone who witnessed the accident.
  3. Also, take pictures of the accident scene if possible.