Proposed Regulations for Car-to-Car Communications

crash detection regulationsResearchers have data that consistently shows if automobiles can communicate with each other, accidents can be prevented. This is most effective if all cars are equipped with the technology. As engineers and technology advancements continue to allow better crash-detection systems, drivers may be much safer on the road soon. The federal government is discussing imposing requirements on auto manufacturers - these requirements would involve mandatory technology that alerts other vehicles about a crash. If implented in the future, officials predict a significant reduction in the number of car accident injuries and fatalities on our roads.

Currently there is no requirement imposed on auto makers. Federal officials will draft a formal proposal, and as is required for compliance with federal procedure, the public will have 90 days to comment on the proposal. It will likely be several years before requirements are enforced. 

This technology is not new to the car accident lawyers in Raleigh with Brent Adams & Associates. Our attorneys blogged about cars that drive themselves and how liability may be affected in car accidents involving self-driving vehicles. We also reviewed modern steering wheels that may prevent accidents

There is still the risk of human error, but more and more tech devices are trying to minimize the consequences of driver error. Although you might not know how to prove another driver was texting-and-driving, new technologies may detect you are distracted and slow down your vehicle. Last year the first vehicle "powered by attention" was unveiled in a move to minimize distracted driving accidents.

Drivers and passengers in automobiles may feel safer in the future, but the possibility of an accident still remains and is never impossible. With all of the auto technology described above, does this mean drivers will no longer be liable for accidents? Can drivers be careless and just rely on their vehicle to correct bad driving behaviors? No. Drivers will still be liable. The possibility also exists of equipment malfunction. These devices never existed before and no one can predict how accurate, reliable, and responsive they will be. Defects and bugs may exist, and they could be susceptible to computer hackers.

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