Car Accident Evidence: Video Footage

accident evidenceThere are many types of evidence included in car accident cases. From witness statements to accident scene analysis by engineers, accident victims have many sources for establishing evidence. One type of evidence some victims may not think of at first is video footage from red light and speed cameras. These types of cameras are present in certain counties across North Carolina; an attorney can help you learn if one was present near the scene of your accident. Fortunately, for accident victims, these cameras do more than detect when a driver runs a red light or speeds. According to Claims Journal:

Red-light cameras are designed to capture multiple types of violations including turning right without coming to a complete stop, illegal right-hand turns, turning left on a red light, and going straight through a red light. They also catch motorists who violate traffic regulations by blocking intersections, failing to stop at stop signs or behind a stopped school bus, failing to pay a toll, or disobeying railroad crossing signals. 

Video footage is a powerful piece to add to your case. This is a type of proof that can reinforce witness' statements or dismiss innocent parties from wrongly accused fault. If an accident victim is suffering memory loss after an accident, their personal statement may not be reliable. Footage from traffic surveillance cameras can help set the record straight.

Collecting video evidence for your case could significantly change how a judge and jury respond. Follow the link to where our board-certified trial lawyer Brent Adams reviews more ways you can document your car accident.