Find North Carolina Burn Injury Centers After an Accident

north carolina burn injury attorneyBurn injuries can be devastating. In North Carolina, burn victims have access to some of the top burn injury treatment centers in the country. In the US, over 500,000 people suffer burn injuries every year, resulting in approximately 40,000 hospitalizations. Our North Carolina personal injury lawyers have represented accident victims who have been burned in house fires, vehicle fires, defective product chemical explosions and other accidents, like being burned by hot coffee.

For fire-related injuries, many people know the three rules for putting out fires that have enflamed clothing: Stop, drop, and roll. Also, a logical method of putting out fires is with water--however certain types of fires could be fueled by adding water. In these instances, burn injuries may be even more severe. In the high-paced moments following an accident, innocent people may suffer painful burns, which can result in long-term scarring, disfigurement, and potential loss of use of injured body parts. Burn victims need appropriate care from medical professionals who frequently treat burns and have the tools to treat burn injuries. Fortunately, North Carolina has two burn injury centers. Those suffering severe burn injuries are often airlifted by medical personnel to these facilities.

Where can burn victims go in North Carolina?

North Carolina Jaycee Burn Center - Located in Chapel Hill, this burn center offers emergency burn treatment and rehabiltation. Hand therapy, scar massage, and compression therapy are just a few of the many services for injured victims.

Burn Center at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center - This Winston-Salem-based burn center offers wound care, hydrotherapy, grafting, and rehab for burns of any degree.

Whether your burn was the result of an explosion or electrical fire at home or at work, our burn injury attorneys and workers' comp attorneys in Raleigh can help. Request a free case evaluation to compare your legal options when pursuing compensation for a burn injury that was caused at no fault of your own.