Brain Tumor Misdiagnosis in North Carolina

Brain tumors can present themselves in odd or subtle ways, and brain cancer can have a very wide range of varying symptoms. However, it is still your doctor's job and responsibility to correctly diagnose such serious and dangerous diseases. All too often a brain tumor is misdiagnosed as something much less dire - and these diagnoses are made without running tests that could have revealed the real cause of the symptoms. Below are just a few examples from our Raleigh medical malpractice lawyers of brain tumor misdiagnoses:

  • When a woman suffered from a seizure, her doctor ignored the fact that seizures are a common symptom of a brain tumor and instead diagnosed her with a sinus infection.
  • A woman suffering from vomiting, headaches, and seizures was misdiagnosed with having depression for eight months. When the large brain tumor was finally found with an MRI scan, the woman did not have long to live.
  • A young boy was diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome - a condition in which patients have uncontrollable tics and spasms. In reality, the boy was suffering from a rare brain tumor.
  • A 36-year-old woman suffering from headaches and concentration problems was diagnosed with suffering from stress. However, as her symptoms worsen, doctors discovered a brain tumor in a CAT scan.
  • A woman's brain tumor was misdiagnosed 35 times over 20 years by a number of different doctors. By the time it was removed, the woman suffered from several permanent disabilities. She could not sue her negligent doctors due to the statute of limitations in her state.