Teen Behavior After Brain Injury

brain injuriesSymptoms of brain injuries vary greatly. Every person's response to head trauma is different. The same force and trauma experienced by one person could produce dramatically different damage in another person. Existing medical conditions, age, and other variables affect a victim's response and recovery. Studies show teenagers who suffered a brain injury experience a particular propensity for behavioral changes.

Unfortunately these behavioral changes are shown to be destructive. In studies completed by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health published in PLOS ONE, teenagers who suffered a brain injury are more likely to partake in drug use, alcohol consumption, and have suicidal thoughts. How severe were the brain injuries included in the report? Teens included in the study either experienced a loss of consciousness for five minutes or longer, or spent a night in a hospital being supervised for their brain injury.

Depending on the circumstances of the injury, the trauma may go undiagnosed. Perhaps the injury occurred while playing a sport and the victim was too embarrassed to get medical treatment in front of their teammates, or they could have been in a car accident while out with friends and didn't want their parents to find out. Brain injuries are serious, no matter how minor one may think it may be. Minor concussions can cause long-term damage.

Brain injury medical treatment is critical. Untreated brain injuries may cause permanent damage that could have been minimized or prevented. Our North Carolina brain injury attorneys review symptoms of concussions here. We include symptoms of teens with brain injuries below as noted in the above referenced report:

  • Slow mental function
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Sensitivity to light and sounds

If your teen is exhibiting any of the symptoms above, seek medical treatment immediately. If the brain injury is the result of an accident, contact our injury attorneys. Our brain injury lawyers have offices in Raleigh, Cary, Fayetteville, Dunn, and Clinton. An important feature of our firm is that we come to you. If you are receiving medical treatment at home or in a hospital, let us know when you call and we can schedule a no-cost consult where it is convenient for you.