Understand the Basics of NC Workers' Comp

Raleigh workers comp lawyerSheila Chavis, a workers' comp attorney in Raleigh, and her legal assistant Shirley Griffis were recently a Fayetteville radio show "Making the Law Work for the People." During their visit their reviewed the basics of the North Carolina workers' compensation system. Some items they reviewed include:

Determining if the injury or illness is work-related. Employees could be eligible for injuries that occur on or off the clock--as long as the condition developed during the "course and scope" of the employee's work duty. When reported properly and the circumstances of the injury are obviously work-related and/or occurred at work, regardless of whose fault the accident is, the injured worker could still be entitled to benefits. Our injury law firm reviews all work injury cases, even if there is a hint that the worker in some way contributed to their own injuries. The North Carolina workers' comp system is a "no fault" system.

Listen to the entire legal podcast here: "Basics of North Carolina Workers' Comp."

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