Protect Yourself From Roofing Scams

During the hurricane season, homeowners should be careful not to be victimized by shysters who prey upon hurricane victims with roofing scams.
Since July 18, North Carolina's Department of Insurance Criminal Investigations Division received 112 complaints alleging fraudulent roofers had bilked them from their hard earned money.  Several of these fraudsters took the resident's insurance money and promised roofing services and they never delivered.  
There are certain steps which homeowners should take to prevent or to reduce the chance of being snookered by dishonest scam artists purporting to be a roofing contractor.  

Follow These Steps to Prevent Roofing Scam Artists

1. Call your insurance agent or insurance company before signing a contract or paying for repairs.  Most insurance policies require the homeowner to allow the insurance company to inspect the damage before beginning repairs.  Be sure that your insurance policy will cover whatever repairs are proposed.  
2. Do not allow the contractor to collect money directly from your insurance company.  
3. Work only with licensed and insured contractors.  Be sure to photocopy the driver's license of the contractor involved and to get a criminal background check. 
4. Get everything in writing for the contractors particularly the scope of work and the price.  
5. Ask for references and then check those references out.  
6. Never sign a contract with blanks in them.  
7. Never pay a contractor in full until the work is completed.  
8. Get more than one estimate.  Do not be high-pressured into signing a contract without checking prices.  
9. If a contractor comes door to door soliciting work, be especially careful.  Chances are very high this door to door salesman is a scam artist.

North Carolina Bad Faith Insurance Fraud Attorneys

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