When Nursing Homes Hire Staff With Abusive Records

north carolina nursing home abuseIn cases of nursing home neglect or abuse, sometimes the individual staff members themselves are not the sole negligent party. Victims who survive abuse at a nursing home, and their family members, may be able to pursue a liability claim againt the nursing home facility as well.

After an alleged battery to a senior citizen at a nursing home, the facility was investigated. This particular instance involved a nursing home* that hired employees who had abusive records. The Department of Health in the nursing home's jurisdiction fined the facility $20,000. The fine was a result of the nursing facility hiring two certified nursing assistants who had records of abuse. (According to local news reports, one of the employees was charged with criminal neglect of a long-term health facility resident, a Class 4 felony. Court records show the employee admitted twisting the victim's wrist while removing a sweater. The employee heard a "pop" and failed to report it for fear of losing her license to work. She pleaded not guilty.)

The facility also released a statement that publicly acknowledged their error and ensured their hiring evaluation process will be revised and current staff reviewed to learn if their experience and records comply. Terminations and reassignments were made as a result of the process.

In addition to a safe nursing home environment, one of things seniors and their caring family members should consider when looking for a nursing home in North Carolina is how the nursing home hires their staff. What is the review process like? Your loved one's well-being is a priority. Ask about background checks and how many reviews potential employees must pass before hiring.

If you are far past this process and suspect your elderly relative or friend is being victimized by a care facility or their personal caregiver--even their own relatives--you should review the case with an attorney. Our nursing home neglect attorneys are in Raleigh, Dunn, and Fayetteville, but we can come to you if necessary. If you need us to visit with you in a nursing home or in your private home, let us know. Our attorneys can review North Carolina nursing home neglect laws and explain the federal ramifications if the liable party is found guilty.

When a nursing home or a care provider is guilty of neglect, the victim may be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering, reimbursed medical expenses, the cost of future care, and more. In fatal cases, surviving family members can make a wrongful death claim.

Our nursing home abuse attorneys understand the emotional pain caused by seeing a love one suffer due to no fault of their own. We all have rights, and residents of nursing homes have rights as well. We hope to help you protect these rights.

*This particular case took place outside of North Carolina.