Amusement Park Injuries And Carnival Accidents In North Carolina

This month we covered the tragic story of the first amusement park accident in North Carolina in the last decade. The accident took place at the Greensboro Youth Council Carnival when carnival workers were dismantling the fair’s Ferris wheel after the six-day event. One worker was killed in the accident, which officials believe may have been caused by a snapped cable, while another worker was critically injured.

According to the United State Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), about 15,000 people are injured at amusement parks, fairs, and carnivals across America each year. However, there are only an average of 2-5 ride-related deaths each year. As rides have become faster and more complicated – in order to increase the thrill for riders – the rate of amusement park accidents has risen significantly.

When an amusement park accident takes place, who is to blame? Each amusement park accident and injury is different, but below are a few common causes of carnival ride accidents:

•    Consumer/rider negligence.
•    Carnival negligence.
•    Property owner negligence.
•    Ride operator negligence.
•    Act of god.

The amusement part itself could be to blame if the ride was not properly inspected or maintained – or if the ride operators were not properly trained. The ride operator may be at fault if they do not properly attend to their duties. A rider may be at fault if they do not follow the safety instructions while on the ride or if they break ride rules. In some amusement park accident cases, the injury could simply be an Act of God that was not predicable or preventable.

If you have been injured in an NC amusement park accident or carnival accident, it is vital that you understand what caused the accident and who is at fault. Speak with a North Carolina accident attorney today about your case to see if you deserve compensation.