Collect Social Security Disability With Alzheimer's

social security benefitsAlzheimer’s Disease can Affect Anyone

Alzheimer’s disease is usually thought of as affecting only the very elderly. Unfortunately, some individuals who do not meet the age requirements to collect Social Security benefits are sometimes disabled by early-onset Alzheimer’s.

If this happens, these disabled persons are entitled to recover full Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, regardless of their age. At the first indication that there may be a disability, application should be made for Social Security Disability benefits.

Recently, medical research has indicated that there is reason to believe that the brain’s inability to properly process insulin may be related to Alzheimer’s disease. A report by researchers at Northwestern University indicates insulin may be as important to the mind as it is to the body. Weinburg College of Arts and Science neurobiology and physiology professor Dr. William Klein and his colleagues found that the impaired memory in Alzheimer’s patients and those that suffer from Type 2 diabetes may share a strong link.

It has been discovered by scientists why the insulin in the brain receiving signals (which is crucial for memory formation) may cease to work in patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Over the past few years, research findings show that Alzheimer’s disease could possibly be a novel third form of diabetes.

The studies have shown that in the brain of an individual with Alzheimer’s, the insulin receptor is removed from the nerve cells by a toxic protein, this makes those neurons insulin-resistant. Memory-forming synapses are attacked by this protein, known as amyloid derived diffusible ligand (ADDL). Other research has shown that in those with Alzheimer’s disease, the levels of brain insulin and related receptors are lower. This indicates relation with insulin resistance in the brain to diabetes.

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