Woman Dies Years After Erroneous Coumadin Prescription

prescription errorAlthough this case occurred outside of North Carolina, our injury lawyers wanted to provide an overview of it to illustrate how prescription negligence is recognized by court systems:

A Polk County Circuit Court found Walgreen Company negligent in the wrongful death of Beth Hippely, who was given a prescription in 2002 of Coumadin 10 times the prescribed dosage. Coumadin had been prescribed to treat Hippely’s breast cancer. The court ruled the filled prescription error resulted in Hippely’s cerebral hemorrhage, disability and physical pain. The stroke also forced a cancelation of her chemotherapy treatment. Years later, the stay-at-home, mother of three died at age 46.

The jury awarded the family a $25.8 million settlement in 2008. The lawsuit had been filed in 2003 by Hippely, her husband and the three children against the Deerfield, Ill.-based retailer for “negligent breach of duty and wrongful death.”

Botched Prescription Never Approved by Pharmacist

Court documents said the 19-year-old pharmacy technician who processed the prescription had insufficient training. Walgreen Company's policy states: “Technicians are not supposed to fill prescriptions without supervision and final approval from a pharmacist.”

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