2010 North Carolina Traffic Accident Statistics

The North Carolina Highway Patrol has released its traffic crash statistics for 2010. While the number of traffic accident fatalities went down very slightly across the state, North Carolina saw more automobile accidents in 2010 than it did in 2009.

Across North Carolina, 968 people died in traffic accidents in 2010, including 85 fatal pedestrian accidents, 11 fatal bicycle accidents, and 127 motorcycle accidents. In 2009, 969 people died in car accidents in North Carolina.

The number of car accidents – with or without personal injury – went up by three percent in 2010. In 2009, 1,381 car accidents were reported. Last year, 1,424 car accidents were reported.

Drinking and driving was a factor in 190 fatal car accidents in North Carolina. Historically, drunk driving and alcohol are a factor in about 30% of all fatal traffic accidents.

A North Carolina Highway spokesperson stressed the importance of continued efforts by both drivers and police to improve the numbers for next year and prevent car accidents. In addition, he stressed that North Carolina residents familiarize themselves with new and recent traffic laws.

What can you do to help make North Carolina roads safer for your family and for others? Here are a few simple driving safety tips to ring in 2011:

•    Always wear your seat belt – and require your passengers to follow your lead. This is the number one way to prevent serious injuries and fatalities during car accidents.
•    Eliminate driver distractions, such as eating behind the wheel or talking on your cell phone. Your eyes and your mind should be on the road.
•    Slow down in poor conditions. Don’t drive as close to the speed limit as you can whenever you can. Slow down in the dark, when it is raining, or when it is snowing.
•    If you ride a motorcycle, wear a helmet. It can prevent death and serious brain injuries – and give you a chance to ride your bike for many years to come.