If I File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Will My Unsecured Debt be Safe?

Debts that are not secured by collateral are considered unsecured debts A home or car are considered collateral. Chapter 7 takes care of credit card debt, medical bills, and gasoline card bills. So your unsecured debt will be safe if you file Chapter 7.

However, not all unsecured debts will be discharged if you file Chapter 7. Nolo.com states "some unsecured debt is nondischargeable." This means Chapter 7 will not wipe away these debts. Examples of these debts include child/spousal support, student loans, luxury debts, fraud, and taxes due within the past three years. If your debt does not fall into these categories, it will be discharged by the end of your bankruptcy case. For more information about Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, click here.