Who makes the decision that I am disabled enough to qualify for Social Security disability benefits?

proving disabilityOne of the questions our Fayetteville Social Security disability attorneys often answer is who exactly makes the determination whether an applicant is disabled or not in order to qualify for Social Security disability? There is not one singular decision maker. There are multiple people involved and all of them need to be in agreement for you to win your benefits claim. 

Medical evidence is critical to your Social Security disability claim. Without proof that you suffer from a medically evidenced disabling condition and the condition impairs you to the point where you are unable to perform substantial gainful activity, your claim may be delayed or denied. 

Your doctor or other medical professional will be the provider of the medical evidence necessary to support the existence of your disabling condition. 

For a disabling condition to be a “medically determinable impairment” your doctor must be able to provide clinical and laboratory evidence such as: 

  • disability statements
  • diagnoses
  • lab results

With this evidence, you may file your Social Security disability claim and place the decision in the hands of your local Social Security office or North Carolina state disability determination services. If all of your claim evidence and documentation are in order, your application should be approved without needing court intervention. 

In a case where your disability determination is denied or questionable, a Fayetteville Social Security disability attorney may be necessary to help you fight for your benefits. 

Get Help with Your Social Security Disability Benefits Claim 

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