I am on total disability at the age of 59. At what age will this turn over to Social Security?

The quick answer to your question is age 66. The amount of money is the same as it’s essentially a bookkeeping issue.

Why? There are two trust funds from which Social Security benefits are paid: The Old Age and Survivors Insurance (OASI) trust fund and the Disability Insurance (DI) trust fund. When a person receiving disability benefits reaches full retirement age, the Social Security Administration will stop using the DI trust fund for that person’s payments and move them to the OASI trust fund. Also, because you’ll then be receiving full retirement benefits, your disability will no longer be the basis for your entitlement. This means that you will no longer have periodic reevaluations to ensure that you are still disabled and there will be no more restrictions on earnings if you feel well enough to attempt working.

The Social Security Administration does not send annual statements to those currently receiving benefits. As for the Social Security statement, the SSA will send these out yearly to all Social Security number holders with earnings on their records from the time they reach age 25 until they begin receiving benefits. They will stop sending them after a person becomes entitled to receive benefits. Therefore, the reason why you are not receiving them is because you are currently receiving benefits.