What Should I Do if Additional Damage is Found During Repairs or if My Car is Totaled?

This situation is not unexpected and happens often. There is typically more damage found when a vehicle has already been taken in for other repairs. If this situation occurs, the mechanic will notify your insurance company of the additional damages. The appraiser will come back and inspect your vehicle again to reach another settlement including the cost of repairs for the newly found damages. There should be no problem if additional damages are found after a car collision.

If Your Car is Totaled:

If your car is totaled in a collision, insurance companies are required to pay the fair market value. In North Carolina, insurance companies are not required to pay more than the fair market value. The total amount of your damages or what you owe on your car is not included in the fair market value settlement. What your car was worth right before the collision is how the FMV amount is determined.

Continue to make payments on your vehicle. The bank will continue to charge you, and problems will arise if you fall behind on your payments.