What is the Compassionate Allowance Program?

All Social Security Disability claims were treated equally until recent years. People with severe disabilities were treated just like those without severe issues. After what Disability Benefits Help.com calls, "much public outcry," the SSA developed the Compassionate Allowance Program, which hurries cases for those severely impaired. Applications are finished in weeks versus months or years.

To qualify for the Compassionate Allowance Program, you must suffer from one of the ailments listed here.

If your claim is handled under the Compassionate Allowance Program, you should be approved within weeks and start receiving benefits within one to two months. 

In order for this to happen, your application must be filled out correctly. It might be in your best interest to contact an attorney to help fill out your application to ensure you give the SSA all the necessary information they need to approve your claim.

If you would like to speak with an attorney about filing your claim under the Compassionate Allowance Program or seeing if you qualify to file your claim under the Compassionate Allowance Program, click here. Raleigh lawyer, Brent Adams, and his team have been serving the N.C. tri-state area for over thirty years. They will be happy to assist you and your claim. Click here or call 877-273-6823 to schedule a free consultation.