What are autocycles and are they legal in North Carolina?

Autocycles are three-wheeled vehicles that share different structural features than a three-wheeled motorcycle. Autocycles have steering wheels, seat belts, air bags, and are enclosed vehicles. If a vehicle has these features and meets North Carolina autocycle definition requirements, then as of October 1, 2015 these types of vehicles are defined as autocycles state-wide. As with any vehicle, individuals should research registration and insurance requirements and options prior to operating a vehicle on public roads.

If a person was hurt in an accident involving an autocycle in North Carolina, they should create a log of their injuries, document vehicle and property damage, learn about injury and damage claims process, and contact injury attorneys to learn their rights. Severity of injuries varies on many factors, and even accidents that don't appear to cause too much physical damage could be responsible for underlying soft tissue damage or long-term brain injury. Individuals should not be rushed to settle their claim. Instead, take time to learn the statute of limitations, legal rights and entitlements, and focus on getting well.