What impairments are typically considered disabling conditions?

During your initial interview with your Raleigh Social Security disability lawyer you will discuss your health conditions to determine if they fit the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) definition of disability. The SSA established a list of disabling conditions that helps make decisions in the Social Security claim process. 

The SSA defines disability as when a claimant: 

  • Is unable to do the work they did before they were disabled
  • Cannot adjust to other work because of the disabling condition
  • The condition has lasted or is expected to last for 12 months or result in death

There is an extensive list of conditions known as the Listing of Impairments that breaks down common physical and mental afflictions that may impair your work ability. 

The conditions found on the Listing of Impairments include those that cause severe

  • Mobility issues
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Chronic pain
  • Need for medical assistive devices
  • Blindness or sensory impairment
  • Mental or behavioral impairment

Along with the Listing of Impairments, there is also a list of Compassionate Allowances that include disabling conditions that are so severe that a claimant would obviously qualify for disability benefits. This may give claimants access to benefits more quickly. Many of these impairments are chronic illnesses or severe medical conditions that have been identified as severely disabling by the recommendations of professionals in the medical field. 

To determine if you have a qualifying disabling condition it is best to first discuss your situation with a Social Security disability lawyer. After reviewing your medical and work history you can gain a better idea of how to file a Social Security claim for disability benefits. 

When disabling conditions have you struggling to perform work (or as you will learn during the application process, work is referred to as 'substantial gainful activity') and you’re worried about your financial future, it may be time to consider filing a Social Security disability claim. Disability benefits may be available to you if your health condition prevents you from earning a substantial income, but the process for obtaining these benefits is not always easy and it is not immediate.

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