What are the work requirements to get Social Security for a permanent disability?

There are work requirements in addition to medical requirements that must be met in order for an individual to be eligible for Social Security disability.

Qualifying for disability benefits goes beyond the medical condition you suffer from. You will need to establish that your ability to work is significantly impacted. For instance, your condition must be severe enough that it prevented you from working in your previous job for at least a year or you must show that you will not be able to continue working for at least a year because of your impairment. 

There is a certain amount of time that you must have been working and paying Social Security to qualify. This credit amount varies, so it is best to speak with a Social Security disability lawyer about current figures. In addition, your work history will also help to establish the amount of your benefits if you do qualify.  

If you believe that you meet the work and medical requirements, then you should start your application for disability benefits as soon as possible. The process is long. Filing immediately (and properly) can help avoid additional avoidable delays. 

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