What are the Punishments for Nursing Home Abusers?

In North Carolina, there are two types of nursing home violations: Type A and Type B.

North Carolina inspectors are required to conduct inspections of nursing homes, and if a Type A violation is found, this means the unkept facility has caused death or serious injury to a resident. For this type of violation, a fine up to $20,000 can be imposed on the nursing home, as well as jail time or the revocation of license.

According to Nursing Home Abuse Guide.org, a Type B violation occurs when the condition of a facility is causing harm to residents and is not corrected after inspection. Penalties for a Type B violation can result in a fine of $400 or more per day until the facility fixes the issue.

Nursing homes do have the right to appeal their fines. If they wish to do so, they must go to a hearing or come to a settlement agreement outside of court with the state.