What are some of the top dangerous dog breeds in Dunn?

The top dangerous dog breeds will depend on where you get your data from. Some might point to pit bulls as the most dangerous, while others will identify another breed. Still, others claim that breed has nothing to do with propensity to bite, pointing out that any dog could potentially bite or attack and that the owner shares responsibility in some cases. 

Dog Bite and Attack Statistics 

Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicates that pit bulls were the most dangerous dog breed in terms of number of dog bite related fatalities from 1979 to 1998 with 76 deaths. Next were Rottweilers (44), German Shepherds (27), and Husky-types (21). Keep in mind several factors could contribute to error reporting, such as mixed breeds.

Meanwhile, statistics shared by the American Humane Society indicate that 92 percent of fatal dog attacks involved dogs who were male; 94 percent of those dogs were not neutered. What’s more, nearly a quarter of the fatal attacks involved dogs that were not restrained and were off of the owner’s property, and more than half of the fatalities involved dogs that were unrestrained on the owner’s property. 

Although certain breeds have been labeled as the top dangerous dog breeds, whether or not a dog is likely to attack may also depend on how it is treated. As such, this has led some to blame owners more than the dog. Dogs trained to be aggressive, for example, may pose a greater danger to dogs raised not to bite or attack regardless of breed. 

Dog Bite Safety & Prevention 

Despite some dogs being labeled as the most dangerous dog breeds, many dogs who belong to those breeds may be friendly and good companions. Take steps to keep yourself and your family safe from dog bites. If you are attacked, seek medical attention to ensure you get proper medical tests completed after a dog bite. You may also be able to pursue legal action with help from a dog bite attorney if you experience damages. 

Get advice from a veterinarian when raising a dog and become knowledgeable about what may make a dog a dangerous. Always supervise young children around strange dogs, inform them of safe behaviors, and make sure they know not to approach dogs they do not know.