What affects bodily injury demands?

Bodily injury demands (also known as BI demands), are made by injury attorneys on behalf of injured clients. These BI demands are sent to insurance adjustors. Insurance adjusters are required to use certain factors when calculating a claim's value. Your North Carolina personal injury lawyer should be aware of these factors when they prepare a BI demand. These factors include:

  • Pain management records. This is one reason why medical records are so important.
  • Accident analysis. Engineer statements, witnesses, and photographs factor in here.
  • Police report. It's important that your injuries are noted by law enforcement officers.
  • Vehicle damage. Photographs and repair estimates document the degree of damage.
  • Treatment and emergency care. Were there any gaps in treatment? If you went to the ER, did attending staff note that your injuries were a result of a car accident? The types of physicians you see will also factor in to the adjustor's analysis - whether you visited medical doctors or chiropractors or specialists.
  • SOAP notes. SOAP stands for Subjective Objective Assessment Plan. This compares billed healthcare with medical notes.
  • Medical expert review. Adjustors will also take into account an objective perspective of a medical expert.