When am I required to hear back about my Veterans disability benefits application?

There is no set time for how long the Department of Veterans Affairs will need to process your claim. The VA has experienced a tremendous accumulation of claims within the last few years, which has caused the procedure to last a long time. Back in 2013, the VA transitioned to a revised digital system developed to help expedite veterans claims, but the transition process contributed to more delays. There have been other routes taken to shorten this process, but unfortunately, some caused people to receive denials without having all the proper evidence needed in order to determine whether or not their claim could truly be accepted.

Overall, there is no specific deadline for the VA to respond to disability applications. Our North Carolina veterans disability attorneys encourage individuals to apply as soon as possible and to double-check and triple-check that all appropriate documents are included and completed correctly. One error could contribute to delays or an unnecessary denial, further contributing to wait times.