Will I get paid for vacation time while I'm collecting workers' comp benefits in NC?

calculate workers comp rateIf you are collecting workers' compensation benefits in North Carolina for temporary total disability (TTD) you will not receive pay for vacation time. However, bonuses and overtime (during one year prior to your incident) should be calculated into your average weekly wage. Check with our firm's Raleigh workers' comp lawyers to learn if your benefits are being calculated properly. 

Sheila Chavis, our workers' comp lawyer in Raleigh, explains how to calculate your NC workers' comp rate correctly in the video at the link.

Remember these important facts about your workers' comp benefits:

  • Your North Carolina workers' comp benefits are non-taxable
  • There is a maximum weekly compensation rate that changes annually. As of January 1, 2014, the amount is $912.00 per week.
  • Note: Your comp rate does not change once it is determined. It does not adjust annually or with inflation.

Every injury case is unique--check with an attorney for legal advice regarding your comp claim.