What happens when an applicant dies before their request for Veterans disability benefits is approved?

In the unfortunate event a former military member predeceases the processing of their Veterans disability benefits application, their claim is no longer valid. 

Surviving dependents have the opportunity to file a claim for accrued benefits. Qualified dependents would generally be eligible for the benefits they were entitled to up until the time of the veteran's death as long as those benefits had not already been paid to them.

Important note: Surviving dependents only have one year from the date of the veteran's death to apply for accrued benefits.

The stress and grief after losing a loved one could easily and rightfully distract loved ones from processing important paperwork. If you believe you're entitled to accrued benefits and need assistance understanding eligibility, calculating benefits, and properly completing paperwork by deadline - give us a call 800-849-5931 or complete an online request form. We represent veterans and family members of veterans across the entire state of North Carolina. Our initial consultation is free of charge.