I am only in my 20s. Last month I was injured in a Raleigh accident and now unable to work. Is there a minimum age to receive Social Security disability?

There is not a minimum age requirement to receive Social Security benefits, but you are required to have worked long and recently enough under Social Security to earn the necessary amount of work credits. Up to four work credits can be earned each year. Each year, the amount of earnings necessary to receive a credit increases as general levels go up. The amount was $1,260 in 2016. The total amount of work credits necessary to receive disability benefits is dependant upon age. In some cases for young workers, only six work credits (as little as 18 months) may be necessary. Learn about the exact number of credits required here. If you are not in possession of enough credits, you may still be able to qualify for benefits from Supplemental Security Income if you become disabled and your income and resources are limited.