I was in a car accident and have no health insurance, but I need surgery. My claim is not settled yet, what should I do?

Individuals who were hurt in a motor vehicle accident and who do not have health insurance might feel like they have no way to pay for healthcare options. If liability is clear in the case, which our accident attorneys can help assess, then we may be able to connect the victim to a source of money for their surgical needs.

Accident victims should follow the treatment guidance their doctors provide after an accident. If physical therapy, medications, or surgery is required, it is important to follow through with treatment. Medical records will be gathered and submitted as part of a motor vehicle claim. If medical records show a gap in treatment, such as an individual missing therapy appointments, this could negatively impact your claim. The other party may suggest injuries worsened or were caused by some other act during this gap in treatment. This is one of the many mistakes accident victims often make unintentionally. We explain more errors and how to avoid them in our free book Mistakes That Make Wreck Your North Carolina Case.

If you are concerned about covering the costs of surgery and you do not have health insurance, contact our car accident attorneys in Raleigh and Fayetteville so that we can connect you with groups that provide a source of money for these purposes. Simply complete an online contact form here or call 877.BRENT.ADAMS.