I need an attorney in Raleigh for a nursing home abuse case; how do I keep my parent safe during a claim?

raleigh nursing home abuseMany adult children have to manage the care of a senior parent and use a nursing home facility to meet their parent's day-to-day needs. About 40,000 people are residents in certified nursing homes across North Carolina, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. If the nursing home has exhibited some form of abuse that manifested in an injured or ill resident, the resident's family might contact the nursing home management to address the negligence. Family members are often concerned about how their loved one's care will change if they pursue a claim of abuse. Will upset nursing home staff take their frustration out on the resident? Will other residents suffer? 

It may not be as simple as transferring a resident to another nursing home. Depending on the facility, some nursing homes have long waitlists. Family members might consider hiring an at-home caregiver for a short time until another facility is available. A family member might also volunteer to be a temporary caregiver themselves. If the senior has a condition that requires care in a special center, at-home options might not be options at all. Our nursing home abuse attorneys can help connect families with resources that will help place a nursing home resident in North Carolina.

You and your family might feel violated and guilty about choosing the care facility that you did. Not only is your loved one suffering, but you are too. Our legal team understands this and how time is of the essence to find a safe care provider for your parent. We can help you understand how the negligent facility can be held accountable.

Nursing home litigation in North Carolina courts, and any court, is not a quick process. Attorneys may be able to settle some cases without ever going to trial. No matter how a claim of abuse is handled, the well-being of the nursing home resident is paramount. If you or a family member are concerned about approaching nursing home administration with a claim of abuse while your loved one is in their care, contact our attorneys for a confidential consultation. We can help you understand your loved one's rights as a nursing home resident, alternative care options, and the different ways you can pursue an injury claim in North Carolina. Schedule a meeting with an attorney.