What is the North Carolina Child Protective Seats Court Diversion Program?

The North Carolina Child Protective Seats Court Diversion Program (CPSCDP) is a system that launched in 2013 that operates in select counties across the state. 

According to Safe Kids North Carolina, about 200 children are fatally injured in car accidents annually across the state. CPSCDP was developed to help minimize the number of improperly installed car seats and also the number of parents or guardians who carelessly neglect to use a car seat when required. Counties can volunteer to enforce the program. As of this writing, 45 out of 100 counties in North Carolina have an operating CPSCDP.

What To Do If You are Cited For Improper Car Seat Use in NC

The CPSCDP mandates that parents or caregivers cited for failing to use a car seat or for improper car seat use must receive signed authorization from a safety technician that the seat has been correctly installed. The cited individual must also show proof that they completed education on car safety seats.

More than 40,000 children in North Carolina receive medical treatment each year due to car accident injuries. Use proper child safety restraints and if you are uncertain about whether or not the car seat is installed properly, visit a local sheriff's department for a free check or contact Safe Kids North Carolina to be connected with an authorized safety technician.

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