Is My Job Responsible for My Injury?

Were you injured on your lunch break? At a company picnic? Or any type of company event? Or were you injured while violating work safety rules? Good news, you may still be entitled to workers' compensation.

If You're Injured on Your Lunch Break:

You will not receive workers' compensation if you are injured on your lunch break; however, if you are injured on your lunch break while on the way to pick up coffee for your boss or something of that nature, you might be able to receive workers' compensation. If your company has a cafeteria, and you are injured while in the cafeteria, you might be compensated by workers' comp. as well.

If You're Injured at a Work Event:

Any injuries obtained at work events such as parties, picnics, kickball leagues, etc. will most likely be covered by workers' compensation. For example, if Pamela sprains her ankle while playing volleyball at a company picnic, her injury would be covered by workers' comp.

If You're Injured While Traveling:

If you are commuting to and from work, your injuries will not be covered. However, if you are on a business trip, or you are driving a company car, your injuries will most likely be covered.

If You're Injured While Violating Your Job's Rules:

You are not guaranteed coverage if you are injured on the job while breaking the rules. However, there is still a chance you could receive workers' compensation benefits.