Is My Job Responsible for My Illness?

Will I Receive Coverage for a Preexisting Condition?

If you have a preexisting condition and your job worsens this condition, or if you receive an injury at work because of your preexisting condition, you will most likely be covered by workers' compensation. For example, Darren worked in a warehouse for thirty years--constantly lifting heavy objects--and he injured his knee. After six months, his knee healed, and he worked for ten more years. Now he works at a department store. He is carrying mannequin and somehow reinjures the same knee. He will receive workers' compensation for his injury. 

Will I Receive Benefits for Hearing Loss?

Jobs that place their workers in noisy environments--such as construction sites--typically provide workers' compensation for hearing loss.

Will I be Compensated for Mental Conditions?

Yes, you are entitled to workers' compensation for mental conditions. However, proving your job caused your mental condition will be hard to do and may require a lawyer's help.

If I Get a Disease or Illness at Work, Will I Receive Workers' Comp.?

Yes, if you receive a disease or illness from your place of employment, you are entitled to workers' compensation.