If I injure my back at work, but no accident occurred, do I qualify for NC workers' compensation?

back injury benefitsYes. Work injuries and work illnesses do not need to be tied to one specific accident in order to qualify for benefits. Back injuries may be a result of long-term movements, use of equipment, or other activities required as part of your job. This was not always the law in North Carolina. It was not until 1983 that legislation passed and redefined injury in North Carolina.

If you receive corrective surgeries, pain medication, physical therapy, or other medical treatment due to your back injury - it is important to tell your doctor that your back injury is related to your work. Medical reports will be part of your workers' compensation case and the North Carolina Industrial Commission needs to see documentation of your work-related injury.

Benefits for impairment of body parts, such as one's pack, are paid out according to a schedule of benefits.