I travel for business. If I am hurt while traveling, can I collect workers' comp in North Carolina?

foreign workers compIf you are injured during the course of your employment, such as traveling for work, you may be eligible for North Carolina workers' compensation (provided your employer's headquarters are based in North Carolina). Your eligibility may not be affected even if the accident was your fault

However, an employer's basic workers' comp policy covers a limited number of benefits. This becomes especially important for workers who travel internationally for work. When employees travel internationally for work, depending on the countries they vist, they may be at a greater risk of:

  • Accessing modern healthcare
  • Exposure to illnesses
  • Infectious diseases

Employers are not obligated to provide--but you can inquire and request that they purchase--voluntary foreign workers' comp insurance. A domestic workers' comp insurance policy may not cover certain expenses. For example, Insurance Journal recently reported that the average cost of a medical airlift by a helicopter is $60,000. The great benefit about a foreign workers' comp insurance policy is that it provides benefits in addition to the benefits provided by North Carolina workers' comp and does not affect the value of your domestic benefits.