I'm a disabled veteran. Can I get Social Security benefits?

veterans disabilityOur disability lawyers in Raleigh help individuals determine if as a disabled veteran, they qualify to receive Social Security disability benefits. Veterans comprise about 35% of the Social Security beneficiary population, according to the Social Security Administration (SSA). 

What many veterans don’t realize is that in addition to receiving veterans disability benefits, they may also be entitled to Social Security disability benefits. However, instead of going through the Veterans Administration system, they will go through the SSA system to obtain benefits. 

Veterans can apply in person or online. Decisions can take several months or even longer to receive. It’s vital that all evidence and information necessary is collected and ready for submission. Once the application has been received, a disability examiner will evaluate it. The applicant may be asked to provide additional information or documentation. 

Eventually a decision will be made, which might be a denial, so take heart. Our veterans disability lawyers are familiar with this situation and are here to review your application and see if you need to appeal. It can take a while to get a hearing with an administrative law judge (ALJ) scheduled. However, at any time during this entire process, if you let SSA know that your disability is connected to your time of service, it might move through the system faster. 

If it is approved on the first time though, you will receive a letter indicating the amount of benefits you are entitled to receive and when they begin. 

Despite qualifying for Social Security benefits, veterans might find themselves having to fight for disability payments. But you don’t have to engage in this fight alone. Try consulting an attorney at 1-800-849-5931 or 1-910-892-8177 - or complete our online disability case evaluation request.