How long do I have to be employed before I am entitled to workers’ compensation benefits in North Carolina?

You do not need to be employed for any specific length of time in order to qualify for workers' compensation benefit payments in North Carolina. You could be injured during your first hour at the job and may still qualify for benefits. You do not even need to be a United States citizen, nor properly documented to work in order to collect workers' comp benefits.

Whether or not you qualify for benefits will hinge on several factors outside your length of employment. Our workers' comp lawyers in Raleigh, Fayetteville and Dunn review qualifications for workers' comp here.

In order to have a valid claim, you will need to make sure you send written notification of your work-related injury within 30 days. If you are concerned or confused about the workers' comp process in North Carolina, check with our workers' comp lawyers for a complimentary and confidential consultation.