How do I apply for Social Security Disability in North Carolina?

There is not just one way to apply for Social Security Disability in North Carolina. You can apply in person, by phone, or online via the Social Security Administration website. You will have to submit the application as well as a medical report, complete with supporting records. Individuals who are intimidated by the process or who have unique circumstances can applying for Social Security Disability under the legal counsel of a North Carolina Social Security Disability attorney.

Why would you need a lawyer's help? There is a lot to include in your application and medical report, such as: 

  • Medical treatment information (Includes hospitals, doctors, patient ID numbers, dates of treatment, medical tests, prescriptions, and workers’ compensation claim information if applicable.)
  • Work history (A list up to 5 jobs that you have had in the 15 years leading up to your disability.)
  • Name and contact information of someone who knows your condition and can assist with your claim.
  • Dates of marriages and divorces.
  • Names and birth dates of your spouse and children.
  • Government documents (DD214 for veterans, IRS W-2s, etc.)
  • Checking account information (Including routing numbers.)

It is common to have your initial application for Social Security Disability benefits denied. When this happens, an attorney can help you file a request for reconsideration immediately.

When further appeals are needed, an attorney can represent you at an informal hearing with an administrative law judge and do what it takes to get the benefits you deserve by law.