How can I get Social Security disability in North Carolina?

In order to qualify for Social Security disability, you will need to fill out a claims application. These applications may be accessed online or by contacting the Social Security Administration either by telephone, mail, or in person. A North Carolina Social Security disability lawyer may be able to assist you through the process if difficulties arise.

Social Security Disability Claims Application

The application is designed to gather as much information about your medical condition as possible so that your disability can be determined. Be prepared to describe your impairment in detail, particularly as it relates to your ability to perform work-related activities.

It may also be beneficial for you to gather all of your treating medical team’s information, including names, contact numbers, tests, treatments and related dates to provide to the Social Security Administration. Representatives usually try to have their questions answered by speaking with the medical professional you have been working with.

If need be, representatives of the Social Security Administration will ask you to perform a consultative examination, which is financially covered by Social Security.

Key Factors in Qualifying

Anyone interested in disability benefits needs to meet Social Security’s defined requirements for total disability, which is based on your capability to work. Additionally, a claimant for disability must have been employed in jobs covered by Social Security, and earned enough work credits to qualify, which usually amounts to 40, with 20 earned in the last 10 years before you became disabled.

Finding Help with a North Carolina Social Security Disability Lawyer

If you have already applied and your claim has been denied, talk to a lawyer qualified in dealing with the Social Security Administration. Brent Adams & Associates has represented North Carolina individuals for more than 40 years, helping them get the disability benefits they deserve. Also, less than 50 attorneys in North Carolina are Board Certified Social Security Benefit Specialist Attorneys. We have one of these specialists at our firm available to meet for an initial consultation at no cost to you.