How Can I Ensure I Receive a Fair Settlement?

Experiencing damages to your home or losing your home entirely is devastating. Insurance companies are going to read policies in a way that saves them money. When the insurance company offers you a settlement for your losses, do not accept the figure they give you without consulting other opinions. Here are some tips to help you receive a fair settlement for your claim:

  • Document the items you had before the accident/natural disaster, and keep a record of your losses.
  • Estimate how much you lost and the price of repairs. Make notes as to what needs repairing, and be specific. (Ex.: X amount of square feet carpeting needs replacing.)
  • Do not rely only on your adjuster. Get two estimates from licensed contractors about your damages before taking the settlement offer from your insurance company. 
  • Do not be afraid to negotiate with your insurance provider. If they will not offer you more, consider hiring an appraiser to receive professional help.