What paperwork do I need to apply for Veterans' disability benefits?

Individuals who believe they are eligible for Veterans' disability benefits will need to complete certain documentation. Our North Carolina veterans disability attorneys in Fayetteville help active and retired military members navigate this process. If you're just getting started, we include the initial documents needed for applications below. Keep in mind: A document error or filing mistake could delay an application or contribute to a denial. Consider asking one of our Fayetteville disability attorneys to review your case:

  1. One such item is the compensation request document VA Form 21-526 (with an asbestos exposure summary). This happens to be the same form an individual would use to apply for their military pension. There is also an online application for veterans disability
  2. Another form needed is proof of discharge, the DD Form 214. Individuals who misplaced a copy of this document can contact the National Personnel Records Center, which can provide a copy. 
  3. Evidential documentation supporting your disability is very important. Gather all relevant medical records.
  4. Supporting documents showing independents. If the individual has a spouse, depending on tax filing and income limitations the spouse may be classified as a dependent.  Secure a copy of a marriage certificate. Whether the applicant has dependent children should also be documented with birth certificates of children. These factors could affect types of benefits the disabled veteran and their family have access to. For example, a disabled veteran's spouse and children are generally eligible for certain education and health care benefits if the veteran is recognized as 'totally and permanently disabled.' Adult children may be eligible for some benefits as well. Additional family benefits include complimentary vocational counseling and scholarship applications.

Once you have all your paperwork in order, learn more about applying for veterans disability benefits