Do I need to wear a helmet if I ride a scooter or moped in North Carolina?

moped lawNorth Carolina helmet law provides that it is illegal for anyone to operate or ride as a passenger without a helmet on a scooter or moped. These vehicles, also referred to as LPCs (low-powered cycles), cannot exceed 30MPH and must have an engine less than 50cc. If your vehicle fits these standards, helmet use is required by law and as of July 1, 2015 mopeds must be registered, but there is no requirement to insure the vehicle. Although North Carolina does not require moped operators to carry ID, they must be 16 years of age and wear a helmet. 

If your vehicle exceeds 30MPH and has an engine larger than 50cc, it must be registered as a motorcycle. North Carolina requires all motorcycle operators and passengers to wear a helmet.

If you are in a moped or scooter accident in North Carolina, you have likely learned the unpleasant effects of not having insurance coverage. Moped accident victims must rely solely on the at-fault party. Very few homeowner's insurance policies extend to moped use; anyone who chooses to operate a moped is taking a severe risk should they ever get in an accident, especially a hit-and-run, a collision with an animal, or other circumstances where another party cannot be pursued for a claim. 

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All of these regulations are as of this writing. Should legislation changes affect these requirements, verify directly with the North Carolina Department of Transportation.