Can I use Facebook and Twitter while I wait for my personal injury case to settle?

social media consequencesWhether you have a pending North Carolina workers' compensation claim or you are filing a lawsuit for personal injuries sustained in an accident, our injury lawyers in Raleigh encourage all accident victims to suspend or limit social media activity. Using social media during your injury case may seem perfectly innocent, but status updates, photos, and other information revealed in your online accounts can be misconstrued and damage your case. When you meet with our Raleigh injury lawyers during a no-cost consultation, ask for our Social Media Guide for Injured Persons

Keep in mind, you do not want to delete your social media accounts, past posts, or photos. The simple act of deleting existing information could be interpreted as hiding evidence. Whether digital or hard copies, no party should destroy or delete any evidence during imminent or pending litigation. (See the case of Gatto v. United Airlines to learn how deleting social media information caused problems in an injury case.)

Any social media activity could be taken out of context and could also be used against you in the court of law. Be extra vigilant and questionable of new friend requests or followers. Make sure that you are only friends or connecting with people that you know and trust. Adding connections that you do not know could mean adding an investigator, who could possibly
misunderstand something you wrote on your social media account and use it to incriminate you.