Can I get veterans' disability for a pre-existing condition in Fayetteville?

veterans disability eligibilityQuestions about your veterans' disability qualifications? Our veterans’ disability attorneys in Fayetteville, Raleigh, an Dunn can explain how pre-existing conditions may impact your case. The short answer is no, you cannot receive veterans’ disability benefits for a pre-existing condition. However, there may be an exception to this. 

The only way you may be entitled to veterans’ disability benefits is if your pre-existing condition was worsened during your time in military service. This can be challenging to prove, so legal assistance in identifying and gathering valuable evidence is often beneficial for such cases. 

As an example, lt’s say you had a back injury that occurred before you enlisted in the military. You can’t receive veterans’ disability benefits for this injury. However, if the injury was aggravated by an event connected to your service duties, this could qualify you for benefits. An example would be engaging in combat that resulted in your back becoming further injured. You will need to have clear evidence that shows your back injury was worsened because of the service-related event. One way this may be accomplished is through medical records, such as X-rays. 

If you can obtain copies of X-rays taken of your back when you were initially injured, this will help. But then you will also need X-rays that show the state of your back injury after the service-related event. Your disability attorney may guide you in collecting the proper evidence necessary to prove your claim. 

Although this can make for a complicated case, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to prove. To learn more about the impact a pre-existing condition can have on your ability to obtain veterans’ disability benefits, contact a North Carolina veterans’ disability attorney at Brent Adams & Associates - 800-849-5931 or 910-892-8177 - or complete our case evaluation request. Our consultations are free.