My spouse was injured in a car accident. I was not in the car, but can I file a claim?

consortium loss Yes, depending on when the car crash took place and the severity of your spouse's injuries in the accident, you may pursue a claim for loss of consortium. Sometimes accident victims are focused on injury claims that pursue compensation for their own medical expenses, lost wages, pain management, rehabilitation, and more. These are all important, but in traumatic life-changing accidents we also want to consider the losses a spouse suffers as well.

Loss of consortium claims in North Carolina provide compensation to a spouse who may no longer experience the joys of companionship, sexual relations, and more. Injured spouses need to have suffered significant injuries in order for these claims to be recognized. Loss of consortium claims are generally made in severe cases where an unharmed spouse becomes the accident victim's caregiver, takes over full responsibility of household chores, and similar circumstances.

Our injury lawyers can review your case and explain whether or not the statute of limitations has run out for your consortium loss claim. Contact our North Carolina injury law firm for a complimentary case evaluation.