I live in NC and have credit card debt. Can creditors call my employer about debts?

debt collection violationFederal and North Carolina state laws govern how credit card companies can communicate with you regarding debt collection. Creditors may only communicate with the debtor. If the bill collector calls the debtor at work, the debtor can immediately request that they stop calling their place of work. 

If the debtor makes this request and the creditor continues to call, these creditors who contact a debtor's employer violate state and federal laws and could be liable for fines as a result. Depending on the violation, the debtor may be able to receive $1,000-$4,000 for each violation that the creditor has made. The debtor might also recover attorneys' fees as well.

Individuals who receive calls from creditors at work can simply tell them to stop calling. Sometimes that is not enough. Debtors can also send a written demand to cease calling to the credit card company. If the creditors continue to call, having documentation of the request can help build a strong case to pursue creditor violations.

Individuals with mounting credit card debt and other bills might consider filing for bankruptcy for debt relief. Contact our Raleigh bankruptcy lawyers with your questions and learn more about filing for bankruptcy in North Carolina.